10 Biggest Cats in the World, From Large to Extra-Extra Large

4th April, 2024


Up to 8 feet long, some males top 200lbs, making them powerful yet sleek.

10: Cougar (Puma)

Long, thick tails for balance; adults can reach 6 feet in length plus tail.

9: Snow Leopard

Largest lynx species, known for long legs, tufted ears, and winter coat changes.

8: Eurasian Lynx

Smaller than lions and tigers, but exceptionally strong climbers, even hauling prey into trees.

7: Leopard

Built for speed, reaching 75 mph! Their long, spotted bodies are surprisingly slender.

6: Cheetah

America's largest cat, with incredible bite force and a love for swimming.

5: Jaguar

Known for their large size, this domesticated breed can weigh up to 18 pounds or more.

4: Maine Coon

Largest tiger subspecies. These icons can reach 10 feet long and weigh over 600 lbs!

3: Siberian Tiger (Amur Tiger)

Males have those iconic manes. Social hunters, some can weigh up to 500 lbs!

2: African Lion

When a male lion and female tiger breed, their offspring are the biggest cats, easily topping 1,000 lbs!

1: Liger

Nature is full of surprises! Whether wild predators or beloved pets, these big cats reign supreme in size and fascination.