10 Bird Names  That Sound Like Compliments

28th April, 2024


Evokes a sense of awe and wisdom – a fitting name for this graceful shorebird.

1: Godwit

Shimmering beauty captured in this name for a small, peaceful dove.

2: Diamond Dove

Though less common now, this historical name hints at the stunning plumage of this extinct bird.

3: Good God

French for "young lady," this elegant crane embodies gracefulness.

4: Demoiselle

Imagine the joyful song of this brightly colored Asian songbird!

5: Merrywing

This vibrant blue jay lives up to its name – it's a real scene-stealer.

6: Stellar Jay

This vibrantly colored bird boasts an impressive crest, living up to its distinguished name.

7: Elegant Trogan

This small, black and white seabird gets a cute and descriptive name.

8: Dovekie

This small European songbird with a charming warbling call earns its friendly-sounding name.

9: Whinchat

This small bird is identified as a wren or a blue Titmouse whose name suggests a certain neatness!

10: Tydie