10 Countries that Start with "A"

7th April, 2024


Central Asia. Renowned for its ancient history, rugged landscapes, and resilient people.

1: Afghanistan

Southeastern Europe. Known for stunning Adriatic coastline, historical cities, and rich culture.

2: Albania

North Africa. The largest African country, it boasts diverse terrain from the Sahara Desert to Mediterranean beaches.

3: Algeria

Nestled in the Pyrenees mountains of Europe. A tiny country famous for skiing, tax-free shopping, and scenic views.

4: Andorra

Southern Africa. A nation with rich natural resources, beautiful beaches, and a developing economy.

5: Angola

The Caribbean. This island nation is a paradise of white-sand beaches, coral reefs, and vibrant culture.

6: Antigua and Barbuda

South America. Home to the tango, gaucho culture, stunning Patagonia landscapes, and bustling Buenos Aires.

7: Argentina

Eurasian crossroads. An ancient nation with rich history, monasteries, and mountainous landscapes.

8: Armenia

Central Europe. Famous for classical music, Alpine scenery, charming Vienna, and a rich history.

9: Austria

Between Europe and Asia. Unique blend of cultures, with modern Baku and ancient historical sites.

10: Azerbaijan

 From Asia to Africa, Europe to the Americas – the letter 'A' takes us on a whirlwind global tour!