10 Deadly U.S. Tornadoes with Beautiful Names 

 May 22nd , 2024

Team LTG

Nature's fury often comes wrapped in beautiful names. Explore these 10 U.S. tornadoes, known for their destructive power despite their alluring monikers 

"Superstorm Sandy" caused widespread damage and power outages in the Northeast, killing 233 people in the US. 

Sandy (2012)

A name evoking calmness, but this Category 5 hurricane spawned tornadoes, causing catastrophic damage along the Gulf Coast. 

Camille (1969)

While sounding innocent, Agnes brought heavy rains and flooding, triggering tornadoes across the Eastern US. 

Agnes (1972)

This charming name masked a deadly hurricane, spawning tornadoes that wreaked havoc from the Caribbean to Canada. 

Hazel (1954)

This elegant name hid a ferocious Category 4 hurricane that caused widespread destruction and spawned deadly tornadoes. 

Audrey (1957)

Known for its devastating floods in the Northeast, Diane also unleashed destructive tornadoes in its path. 

Diane (1955)

A major hurricane affected the Caribbean and US Gulf Coast with a storm surge that caused extensive damage and 112 deaths. 

Ike (2008)

With a delicate name, Flora was a Category 4 hurricane that caused widespread flooding and spawned tornadoes. 

Flora (1963)

A seemingly graceful name that hid a Category 3 hurricane, bringing storm surge, heavy rain, and tornadoes. 

Eloise (1975)

Intensified rapidly, hitting Florida and moving up the East Coast, resulting in 59 deaths. 

Opal (1995)