List of the 10 Hottest States  in the USA

 May 4th , 2024


Image: CNN

Ready to feel the heat? Discover the US states known for scorching temperatures and long, sunny days.

Famous for: The Grand Canyon, sweltering deserts, Phoenix's record-breaking heatwaves.

1: Arizona

Famous for Big skies, cowboys, and vast stretches with consistently hot summers.

2: Texas

Famous for Beaches, theme parks... and high humidity alongside its sunshine-filled days.

3: Florida

Famous for Hollywood and beaches, but also Death Valley, the hottest place in the US.

4: California

Famous for Cajun cuisine, New Orleans, and muggy summers with high heat indices.

5: Louisiana

Famous for: Las Vegas glitz, but most of the state is desert with blazing summer temperatures.

6: Nevada

Famous for its unique landscapes, green chiles, and hot summers, especially in southern areas.

7: New Mexico

Famous for: Southern charm, peaches, and long, humid summers stretching into the fall.

8: Georgia

Famous for: Open plains, frequent droughts, and summers with intense sun and high heat.

9: Oklahoma

Famous for: Sweet Home Alabama! Also, high humidity and long summers with sweltering temperatures.

10: Alabama