Wood Munchers: 10 Insects That Can Destroy Your Home

 May 30th, 2024

Team LTG

Not all house guests are welcome! Did you know some insects feast on wood? Discover common wood-eating insects that can damage your property. 

These social insects form colonies and cause significant structural damage. Look out for mud tubes and discarded wings. 


Though not as destructive as termites, they excavate wood for nests, leaving behind sawdust-like frass. 

Carpenter Ants

Tiny but mighty! Larvae burrow in wood, creating tunnels and exit holes filled with fine powder. 

Powderpost Beetles

Large, wood-boring beetle larvae cause damage, leaving behind oval exit holes and coarse sawdust. 

Old House Borer Beetles

These solitary bees burrow into wood to create nests, often causing cosmetic damage and structural weakening over time. 

Carpenter Bees

These tiny beetles carry fungi that stain wood and weaken it. Look for small, round holes and sawdust. 

Ambrosia Beetles

Their tapping noise (hence the name) indicates their presence. Prefer damp, decaying wood. 

Deathwatch Beetles

They lay eggs in wood, and larvae tunnel through it as they mature. 

Wood Wasp

These tiny beetles live under tree bark, eating and damaging it, which can kill the tree. 

Bark Beetle

Their larvae bore large tunnels in wood, weakening it and making it prone to breakage. 

Long-horned Beetles