10 Lesser-known Facts About Antarctica

April 25, 2024


Antarctica is technically the world's largest desert due to extremely low precipitation.

A Desert? Yes, Really!

Frozen Giant: Around 70% of the planet's freshwater is locked in Antarctica's ice.

It Holds Most of Earth's Freshwater

Hidden Peaks: The Gamburtsev Mountains are buried beneath the ice sheet, rivaling the Alps in size.

Mountains Under Ice

Fiery Surprise: Mount Erebus, one of Earth's few continuously active volcanoes, is on Ross Island.

A Land of Volcanoes

Crimson Flow: A strange waterfall stained red by iron oxides and ancient microbes.

Blood Falls

Wrong Pole: Polar bears are exclusive to the Arctic; Antarctica has penguins instead.

No Polar Bears Here!

All Times at Once: Research stations use their home country's time, so time zones are a jumble.

Time Zones? Not a Thing

Space Debris: The dry climate and white ice make space rocks easier to find.

Meteorite Hunting Ground

The Antarctic Treaty: Devoted to science and cooperation, a model for global relations.

Land of International Peace

The Rules: No one nation 'owns' Antarctica, it's governed by an international treaty.

 Ownership is...Complex