10 Mysterious and Unreal Lakes in The World

15th April, 2024


Hundreds of human skeletons litter the shores – a trekking disaster or an ancient ritual gone wrong?

1: Roopkund Lake, India

Millions of bubbles rise from the lake floor in winter. The culprit? Gases trapped by decomposing plants.

2: Abraham Lake, Canada

Pools of vibrant colors dot the landscape! High mineral concentrations create a stunning, alien look.

3: Spotted Lake, Canada

A bubblegum pink lake! Bacteria give it this unique hue, making it a standout on Middle Island.

4: Lake Hillier, Australia

Animal mummies stand frozen in unnatural poses! The high alkalinity calcifies bodies, creating a haunting landscape.

5: Lake Natron, Tanzania

Millions of golden jellyfish! This unique ecosystem thrives here, relatively safe to swim amongst due to their weak stings.

6: Jellyfish Lake, Palau

The world's second-largest boiling lake! Hydrothermal vents heat the water to over 195°F (90°C) – don't go for a dip!

7: Boiling Lake, Dominica

The lake changes color throughout the year! Blooming algae and minerals create a vibrant, ever-shifting palette.

8: Five-Flower Lake, China

Home to the legendary "Nessie"! Is there a prehistoric creature lurking in the depths? The search continues...

9: Loch Ness, Scotland

Red algae and colored sediments paint the lake a vibrant red, attracting flocks of flamingos.

10: Laguna Colorada, Bolivia

Nature is fascinating and mysterious! These lakes remind us of the beauty and intrigue of our world.