10 Non-Venomous Snakes That Can Still Bite

 May 17th , 2024


Think only venomous snakes are dangerous? Think again! These 10 non-venomous serpents can still deliver a nasty bite. 

These powerful constrictors squeeze their prey to death. While typically not a threat to humans, large boas can deliver a painful bite. 

Boa Constrictor

An invasive species in Florida, these giants have been known to kill and consume alligators. Their bite can be severe. 

Burmese Python

The world's heaviest snake, its bite may not be venomous, but due to its sheer size and strength, it can cause significant damage. 

Green Anaconda

The longest snake in the world, possessing numerous sharp teeth that can inflict painful wounds. 

Reticulated Python

 Another large and muscular constrictor, their bite and constriction, can threaten humans if they feel threatened.

African Rock Python

Often mistaken for venomous cottonmouths, water snakes can deliver a painful bite that may become infected. 

Water Snakes (various species)

They are harmless but known to mimic rattlesnakes by shaking their tails and hissing. Their bite is non-venomous but can be startling. 

Bull Snakes

Common in backyards and excellent climbers. Their bite is non-toxic but can be surprising and unpleasant. 

Rat Snakes (various species)

Another rattlesnake mimic! Harmless but may bite if cornered. They play an important role in rodent control. 

Gopher Snakes

Dramatic actors! They play dead to deter predators. While their bite isn't dangerous, it's best to leave them alone. 

Eastern Hognose Snake