10 of the World's Deadliest Lizards

April 25, 2024


Lizards are typically harmless, but a few are armed with venom and can inflict serious harm.

Huge, powerful, venomous! Bites can cause severe tissue damage and bacterial infection.

Komodo Dragon

Chews to deliver venom are painful and can cause swelling, weakness, and nausea.

Gila Monster

A close relative of the Gila Monster, with a similarly potent, painful venom.

Mexican Beaded Lizard

Larger monitors like the Nile Monitor have sharp teeth and can deliver nasty, infection-prone bites.

Monitor Lizards (Several Species)

Australia's largest monitor, big enough to tackle prey like kangaroos! A bite can be severe.


Why? Has an unusually complex venom, making treatment difficult. It is not always fatal to humans but risky.

Yellow-Spotted Monitor

Mostly harmless, but large iguanas can lash out with their tails and have surprisingly sharp teeth.


Powerful bite for defense – not venomous, but injuries can be nasty.

Argentine Tegu

Large and capable of a painful bite with serrated teeth that cause significant wounds.

Water Monitor

While not truly venomous, this monitor has controversial toxicity; bites can cause swelling and illness.

Lace Monitor