10 of the World’s

Most Dangerous Fish

29th February, 2024


The electric eel (Electrophorus electricus) is an elongated South American fish that produces a powerful electric shock to stun its prey, usually other fish. 

Electric Eel

Atlantic Manta

Manta or devil rays comprise several genera of marine rays in the family Mobulidae (class Selachii). 


Stonefish are venomous marine fish classified in the genus Synanceja and the family Synancejidae, found in shallow waters of the tropical Indo-Pacific. 


Piranha, also called caribe or piraya, are any of more than 60 species of razor-toothed carnivorous fish of South American rivers and lakes, with a somewhat exaggerated reputation for ferocity. 


Spanning several species, tigerfishes are so named based on their pugnacity when caught, their fiercely predaceous habits, or their appearance. 

Morey Eel 

There are probably more than 80 species of moray eels, and they occur in all tropical and subtropical seas, where they live in shallow water among reefs and rocks and hide in crevices. 

The white shark (Carcharodon carcharias), also called great white shark or white pointer, may be the fish that needs no introduction because it is one of the world's most powerful and potentially dangerous predatory sharks. 

Great White Shark

The candiru (Vandellia cirrhosa) is a scaleless, parasitic catfish of the family Trichomycteridae found in the Amazon River region. 


Lionfishes (Pterois) make up any of several species of showy Indo-Pacific fishes of the scorpion fish family, Scorpaenidae (order Scorpaeniformes). 

Red Lionfish

The puffer, which is also called swellfish or blowfish, is any member of a group of about 90 species of fishes of the family Tetraodontidae, noted for their ability, when disturbed, to inflate themselves so significantly with air and water, become spherical.