10 of the World's Rarest Birds

25th April, 2024


Critically endangered. Tiny, found only in a few forest fragments in Honduras.

1: Honduran Emerald Hummingbird

Critically endangered. Less than 250 individuals in Brazil. Threatened by habitat loss.

2: Blue-eyed Ground-Dove

Critically endangered. May be extinct; no confirmed sighting since 2007 in Brazil.

3: Stresemann's Bristlefront

Critically endangered. Thought extinct, then dramatically rediscovered in 2006.

4: Madagascar Pochard

Large, striking bird of the Philippines. Habitat loss and hunting have decimated populations on certain islands.

5: Rufous-headed Hornbill

Cryptic, nocturnal bird with a haunting call. Known only from the island of New Caledonia.

6: New Caledonian Owlet-nightjar

Colorful migratory parrot. One of Australia's most endangered bird species.

7: Orange-bellied Parrot

Critically endangered. Flightless parrot in New Zealand, a victim of introduced predators.

8: Kakapo

Critically endangered. Thought extinct, then rediscovered in India, but habitat loss persists.

9: Forest Owlet

Once widespread, now rare due to habitat loss. Conservation helps, found in Japan, China, Korea.

10: Crested Ibis

These are just a few. Every endangered bird is a reminder of the delicate balance of nature. Support conservation!