Squirrel Repellent: 10 Smells That Keep Squirrel Out of Your Garden

 May 5th , 2024


Protect your plants and bird feeders from furry freeloaders! Learn scents squirrels and chipmunks find repulsive.

Pungent Power: Crush garlic cloves and sprinkle around plants, or make a garlic spray for broader protection.

1: Garlic

Sour Solution: White vinegar's strong odor is offensive to chipmunks and squirrels – use in a spray or soaked rags.

2: Vinegar

Spicy Solution: Dried chili flakes sprinkled around or cayenne pepper spray deter them from digging and chewing.

3: Chili Peppers

Minty Repellent: Dab cotton balls with peppermint oil near vulnerable plants.

4: Peppermint Oil

Tricky Tactics: Coyote or fox urine makes rodents think danger is nearby. Use sparingly and with caution.

5: Predator Urine

Double Duty: Used coffee grounds add nutrition to soil AND deter squirrels with their strong scent.

6: Coffee Grounds

Clean & Critter-Free: Shavings of this strongly-scented soap can be scattered as a deterrent.

7: Irish Spring Soap

Lingering Laundry: Place dryer sheets near entry points or where squirrels like to nest.

8: Dryer Sheets

Zesty Defense: Lemon, orange, or grapefruit peels scattered around are a fragrant deterrent.

9: Citrus Peels

Simple Spice: Sprinkle liberally to discourage those bushy-tailed visitors from snacking on your plants.

10: Black Pepper

Rotating Scents: Switch up smells regularly so squirrels don't get used to them. Reapply after rain.

Important Note