10 Snakes of the Ancient River Tigris

8th April, 2024


While not a true cobra, its venom can cause significant bites. It mimics a Cobra's defensive hood.

1: False Cobra

Small and non-venomous. Ambushes prey by burying itself in the sand.

2: Arabian Sand Boa

Mildly venomous, primarily a threat to insects and lizards. Beautiful, ornate markings.

3: Diadem Snake

Non-venomous but semi-aquatic and can deliver a defensive bite if provoked.

4: Mesopotamian Water Snake

Another non-venomous water dweller known for its distinctive checkered pattern.

5: Tessellated Water Snake

Non-venomous but incredibly fast and agile. Often hunts by day.

6: Desert Racer

Highly venomous! A master of camouflage, responsible for many snakebites.

7: Puff Adder

Very venomous! Small but aggressive, it delivers significant hemotoxic venom if it bites.

8: Saw-scaled Viper

Venomous but rear-fanged, so less dangerous to humans. Preys on other snakes.

9: Montpellier Snake

Highly venomous! Its unique horn-like scales aid in camouflage amidst desert sands.

10: Persian Horned Viper