Mountain Lion Country:  The 13 States Where These Big Cats Roam

16th March, 2024


Content: ● Stable mountain lion population throughout the state ● Found wherever there is suitable habitat for their prey, like deer.



Content: ● California has a significant mountain lion population, estimated at 4,000-6,000. ● They are protected, but conflicts with humans and livestock occasionally occur.


Content: ● Mountain lions are making a comeback in Colorado. ● They are primarily found in the western half of the state.


Content: ● The only breeding population of mountain lions east of the Mississippi River. ● Critically endangered, with less than 200 individuals left.


Content: Mountain lions have a widespread presence across Idaho. They are most common in rugged, mountainous terrain with adequate prey. 


Content: Montana supports a sizable mountain lion population, particularly in western regions. Conflict with livestock sometimes occurs. 


Content: While confirmed sightings are increasing, mountain lions in Nebraska are primarily transient young males dispersing from nearby states. A breeding population still needs to be established. 


Content: Mountain lions are found across Nevada, especially in mountainous areas with abundant prey like mule deer. Populations are generally healthy. 

New Mexico

Content: New Mexico boasts suitable mountain lion habitats, with populations throughout the state. They play a vital role in the ecosystem. 

North Dakota

Content: Mountain lions are primarily found in the Badlands region of North Dakota. The overall population is small, with sightings relatively uncommon. 


Content: Oregon has a growing mountain lion population distributed across the state. They prefer forested landscapes and areas with plentiful deer. 

South Dakota

Content: South Dakota, particularly the Black Hills region, has a well-established mountain lion population. Sightings are also reported in other parts of the state. 


Content: Texas has diverse mountain lion populations. Established populations exist in West Texas, while sightings are increasing in other regions as the cats expand their range.  


Content: Utah has a healthy mountain lion population, mainly in mountainous areas across the state. They are an integral part of Utah's wild ecosystems.  


Content: Mountain lion populations in Washington vary across the state. Sightings are confirmed in both the Cascade Mountains and northeastern regions.