2024 Climate Danger Zones:

Which Countries Face the Worst?

27th February, 2024


This landlocked African nation is highly vulnerable to: ●  Extreme drought ●  Desertification ●  Food insecurity ● Water scarcity Climate change amplifies these existing challenges, leading to conflict and humanitarian crises. 



Somalia endures a devastating cycle of: ●  Recurring drought ●  Intense flood ●  Powerful cyclone  These climate-related events devastate communities and worsen poverty, hunger, and displacement.


● A prolonged drought, now linked to climate change, fueled Syria's ongoing conflict. ●  Displacement, resource scarcity, and climate hazards create a dire humanitarian situation in the country.

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

The DRC faces escalating threats from: ●  Intense flooding ●  Deadly landslide ●  Spread of vector-borne diseases.  This further challenges a country already struggling with poverty and instability.


Afghanistan is highly exposed to: ●  Prolonged drought ●  Devastating flood ●  Extreme weather event The country's limited resources and political instability hamper its ability to adapt to these climate-related challenges.


● The recent catastrophic flooding in Pakistan tragically illustrates its high vulnerability to climate extremes. ●  The country faces recurring floods, droughts, and heatwaves – all intensified by climate change.

Countries like Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador are hotspots for climate change impacts: ●  Powerful hurricane ●  Droughts threatening agriculture ●  Sea-level rise eroding coastline

Central American Nations

Already one of the poorest nations in the Western Hemisphere, Haiti is battered by: ●  Frequent hurricane ●  Droughts leading to food insecurity Climate change compounds these existing challenges, making recovery and development even more difficult.


This island nation suffers from a relentless combination of: ●  Powerful cyclone ●  Severe and prolonged droughts. These events push people into poverty and trigger food crises.


Numerous small island states across the Pacific, Caribbean, and Indian Ocean face existential threats: ●  Sea-level rise could inundate entire islands. ●  More intense storms threaten lives and infrastructure.

Small Island Nations