Indigo Snakes Make a Comeback:  41 Released in Florida for Conservation

 May 4th , 2024


Good news for snake lovers and conservationists! 41 Eastern Indigo Snakes, the longest US native snake, find new homes in Florida.

Keystone Species: These beneficial snakes control prey populations, including venomous snakes, aiding ecosystem balance.

Why Indigo Snakes Matter

Impressive Size: Adults can reach 8 feet! Non-venomous, with a gleaming, blue-black coloration.

Indigo Snakes: The Basics

Southern Habitat: It has historically been found across the Southeast US, including coastal Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida.

Where They Roamed

Threats: Habitat loss, fragmentation, and over-collection led to a sharp decline in indigo snake numbers.

Population Decline

Florida Refuge: The Apalachicola Bluffs and Ravines Preserve was chosen due to suitable habitat and protection.

The Release Site

Boosting Numbers: Releasing a significant group increases the chance of establishing a breeding population.

Why 41 Snakes?

Monitoring Success: Scientists will monitor the snakes to see if they thrive and reproduce in their new home.

Tracking Progress

Collaboration: Multiple organizations worked together, including the Central Florida Zoo, Orianne Center, and more.

It's a Team Effort

Conservation Win: This release is a step towards restoring healthy indigo snake populations in Florida.

Hope for the Future

Ecosystem Restoration: Helping keystone species like indigo snakes benefit the Florida ecosystem.

Bigger Picture