5 Countries That Experience Polar Night

28th April, 2024


Polar night occurs in the extreme north and south when the sun stays below the horizon for more than 24 hours.

Norway's Svalbard archipelago experiences polar nights from November to February, offering stunning Northern Lights displays.

1 - Norway

Murmansk, Russia, endures about 40 days of polar night and hosts winter festivals despite the prolonged darkness.

2 - Russia

In Canada's northernmost regions, polar nights can last several months, creating a unique and otherworldly atmosphere.

3 - Canada

Finnish Lapland witnesses polar nights, known as "Kaamos." Locals adapt to cozy traditions and outdoor adventures.

4 -  Finland

Cities like Barrow, Alaska, experience weeks of polar night. Residents find ways to thrive in the extended darkness.

5 - Alaska (USA)

Polar nights offer a glimpse into the remarkable resilience of life and the unique beauty of our planet's polar regions.

The Wonder of the Extremes