Aussie Exclusives: 6 Animals Found ONLY in Australia

13th April, 2024


Iconic marsupial, eucalyptus addict, sleeps all day – the Aussie dream!

1: Koala

Hopping masters with pouches for their young. A symbol of Australia.

2: Kangaroo

An egg-laying mammal with a duck-bill and webbed feet? Only in Australia!

3: Platypus

Stout, burrowing marsupials with cube-shaped poo (no joke). Adorable AND strange!

4: Wombat

Spiky, egg-laying mammal (weird theme here!), also known as a 'spiny anteater.'

5: Echidna

"Happiest animal" with adorable smiles! Marsupial found on Rottnest Island.

6: Quokka

Australia's isolation led to incredible evolution. These are just a few of its many wonders!