Defense of the Weird:  6 Animals with Seriously Strange Strategies

11th April, 2024


Forget claws and fangs! Nature gets creative when it comes to protecting its creatures.

Rolls into an armored ball of scales, defying even sharp-toothed predators.

1: Pangolin

Gross-out special! Shoots out sticky internal organs that entangle attackers, allowing escape.

2: Sea Cucumber

Squirts blood from its eyes! The taste and surprise can deter predators.

3: Texas Horned Lizard

Produces incredible amounts of slime to clog a predator's gills, allowing slimy escape.

4: Hagfish

Classic but effective – a stinky spray with long-lasting effects is a powerful deterrent.

5: Skunk

Shoots a boiling hot chemical spray, giving would-be predators a nasty burn.

6: Bombardier Beetle

The animal kingdom shows us that sometimes the most bizarre tactics are the best for survival!