Harnessing the Flow: 6 Influential Dams of the USA

13th April, 2024


Desert lifeline, providing electricity and water for millions. Famed for its Art Deco beauty.

1: Hoover Dam (Nevada/Arizona)

Largest hydroelectric power producer in the US! Vital to the Northwest and agricultural irrigation.

2: Grand Coulee Dam (Washington)

Creates Lake Powell, a crucial water reservoir in the Southwest, but also controversial.

3: Glen Canyon Dam (Arizona)

Largest earth-filled dam in the world. Its reservoir, Fort Peck Lake, is a massive recreation spot.

4: Fort Peck Dam (Montana)

Tallest dam in the USA, integral to California's water supply and flood control.

5: Oroville Dam (California)

Historic dam, once the world's tallest masonry dam. Provides water to the Phoenix area.

6: Roosevelt Dam (Arizona)

Dams shape landscapes and economies. Their impact – both positive and negative – is undeniable.