6 Kangaroo Species of Australia

16th April, 2024


Size! Males can reach 6ft tall. Found in arid inland areas across Australia.

1: Red Kangaroo

The 'classic' kangaroo. Grazers are found in grasslands and open forests of eastern Australia.

2: Eastern Grey Kangaroo

Resembles red kangaroos, but lives in tropical northern Australia. Social and often in groups.

3: Antilopine Kangaroo

Southern Australia's forests, coasts, and scrublands. Stockier than Eastern Greys.

4: Western Grey Kangaroo

Mostly found in rocky habitats, in isolated ranges across Australia, offering a glimpse at a tougher 'roo.

5: Black Wallaroo

Several wallaby species exist, like the Agile Wallaby, smaller but just as much 'roo.

6: Wallabies

They showcase Australia's unique wildlife. Enjoy these amazing animals from a distance - they are wild and can be powerful!

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