Buckle Up! 6 North American Roads That Will Test Your Bravery

6th April, 2024


North America offers stunning landscapes, but some roads take beauty to an extreme – and potentially dangerous – level.

Unpaved, remote, harsh weather and wildlife encounters make it a true test.

1: Dalton Highway, Alaska (Nickname: Haul Road )

318 curves in 11 miles! Sharp turns and steep drops demand expert control.

2: The Tail of the Dragon, North Carolina

Breathtaking scenery but with mountain passes, unpredictable weather, and wildlife hazards.

3: The Icefields Parkway, Canada

Extreme heat, blinding sun, flash floods, and sudden sandstorms test both drivers and vehicles.

4: Death Valley National Park Roads, California

Narrow, winding road with steep drop-offs, limited guardrails, and high altitude sickness potential.

5: Going-to-the-Sun Road, Montana

High-altitude switchbacks with steep drop-offs and unpredictable mountain weather.

6: Lick the Spoon Road, Colorado

North America awaits exploration, but choose your road wisely based on your experience and comfort level.