Fall's Fiery Show:  6 Trees That Embrace Autumn Color

5th April, 2024


Witness nature's most beautiful palette as leaves transform.

Brilliant oranges, yellows, and reds – a symbol of fall in New England.

1: Sugar Maple

Unique fan-shaped leaves, like shimmering coins, turn a dazzling golden yellow.

2: Ginkgo

Shifts from green to deep, rich reds and russet browns.

3: Red Oak

Famous for shimmering leaves that change from green to vibrant yellow and gold.

4: Aspen

Offers a rainbow! Leaves turn yellow, orange, red, and even purple.

5: Sweetgum

Elegant, deeply cut leaves transform into stunning shades of crimson and fiery red.

6: Japanese Maple

These trees remind us of the beauty of nature's cycles and the vibrant change of seasons.