7 Facts About the African Spurred Tortoise

17th April, 2024


Meet the African Spurred Tortoise (Sulcata)! This gentle giant holds surprising secrets. Let's explore 7 interesting facts.

The Sulcata is the third largest tortoise globally, reaching over 3 feet long and weighing up to 350 pounds!

1: Big and Beautiful!

Their name comes from the bony spurs on their hind legs. Used for defense, but not typically aggressive.

2: Spiked Surprise!

Adapted to hot, dry climates, they get most of their water from the plants they eat.

3: Desert Dwellers

Primarily herbivores, they enjoy a variety of grasses, leaves, and flowers.

4: Grazing Gourmets

They can live over 70 years in human care, with some estimates suggesting they can reach 100!

5: Long Lifespan

Despite their size, they are slow-moving and spend most of their day grazing and basking in the sun.

6: Not-So-Speedy Gonzales

Fossil records suggest their lineage goes back millions of years!

7: Ancient Ancestors