7 Most Affordable Gemstones Available  in the World

17th April, 2024


Sparkle doesn't have to be expensive! Discover these budget-friendly beauties.

Rich purple hues, often used in jewelry. Believed to have calming properties.

1: Amethyst

Sunny yellow to orange shades. Associated with positivity and warmth.

2: Citrine

Unique lime green color. The birthstone for August symbolizes strength.

3: Peridot

Soft pink color. Associated with love, compassion, and emotional healing.

4: Rose Quartz

Comes in various blue shades. Thought to enhance communication and clarity.

5: Blue Topaz

Deep red color is the most common. Symbolizes passion, energy, and commitment.

6: Garnet

Ethereal glow with a bluish sheen. Linked to intuition and feminine energy.

7: Moonstone