7 Most Amazing Butterfly Species in the World

16th April, 2024


World's LARGEST butterfly! Giant, with vibrant green and blue wing markings.

1: Queen Alexandra's Birdwing

Transparent wings! Uses camouflage to blend in against leaves and flowers.

2: Glasswing Butterfly

Shimmering iridescent blue that changes in the light - breathtaking in flight.

3: Blue Morpho

Iconic orange and black, famous for their incredible mass migrations.

4: Monarch Butterfly

Wing markings look like the number '88' – or eyes to confuse predators.

5: 88 Butterfly

Underwings look just like a dead leaf – the ultimate disguise tactic!

6: Dead Leaf Butterfly

Underwings have large 'eyes' meant to startle predators, looking like a much bigger animal.

7: Owl Butterfly