Under Pressure: The 7 Most Sanctioned Nations on Earth

15th March, 2024


Sanctions are restrictions to pressure governments or individuals. They can range from trade bans to asset freezes. But often, regular people feel the impact hardest.

#7 - Belarus

Belarus faces sanctions mainly due to its close ties with Russia and human rights concerns. These sanctions affect industries like potash and petroleum products.

#6 - Venezuela

Venezuelan sanctions stem from concerns about its government's actions, including corruption, human rights abuses, and undermining democracy. These sanctions heavily impact their vital oil industry.

#5 - Cuba

Long-standing US sanctions against Cuba are complex. They originally aimed to change the Communist government but have evolved over decades. The impact on everyday Cubans is significant.

#4 - Syria

Syria faces widespread sanctions due to the devastating civil war and the government's brutal actions against its citizens. These sanctions severely restrict trade and cripple the economy.

#3 - North Korea

Perhaps the most heavily sanctioned country on Earth, North Korea faces restrictions due to its nuclear weapons program and human rights record. Sanctions target everything from luxury goods to vital coal exports.

#2 - Iran

Sanctions on Iran are also centered around its nuclear program and other concerns like regional activities. Sanctions were briefly lifted but are now re-imposed with harsh consequences for the Iranian economy.

#1 - Russia

Russia's invasion of Ukraine sparked an unprecedented wave of sanctions. These target banks, energy exports, and even oligarchs close to Putin. Their long-term impact remains to be seen.