Beware: 7 of the World’s Deadliest Plants

April 25, 2024


Shiny black berries. Beautiful...but a handful can kill. Poison-inspired Shakespearean tragedy!

Deadly Nightshade

Deceptively innocent-looking, this is North America's most violently toxic plant.

Water Hemlock

Source of castor oil, but its seeds contain ricin – a single seed can be fatal.

Castor Bean Plant

Pretty red and black seeds are used in jewelry but hold the lethal toxin abrin.

Rosary Pea

Every part of this flowering beauty is toxic. A single leaf can be deadly.


The deceptively harmless killer. Its poison passes through cow's milk, causing deadly "milk sickness."

White Snakeroot

The world's most widely grown non-food plant is packed with addictive and poisonous nicotine.


Nature's beauty can be deceptive.  Admire from afar, and never underestimate the power of plants!