7 Stunning Train Stations Worth Seeing in the USA

2nd May, 2024


Awe-Inspiring Grandeur: Boasting a majestic main concourse with a starry ceiling, it's a cultural landmark.

Grand Central Terminal, New York City

Spanish Colonial Revival Gem: Intricate tilework, arched windows, and lush courtyards transport you to another era.

Union Station, Los Angeles

Beaux-Arts Beauty: Grand limestone facade, stained glass windows, and soaring ceilings create a dramatic scene.

Chicago Union Station, Chicago

Classically Elegant: A grand hall with Corinthian columns and intricate mosaics reflects the city's rich history.

30th Street Station, Philadelphia

Busy Hub with Historic Charm: Busy with activity, the red brick and granite facade showcases Victorian details.

South Station, Boston

Grandiose Revival: A Beaux-Arts masterpiece with a grand waiting room and a majestic clock tower.

St. Louis Union Station, St. Louis

Art Deco Delight: Streamlined design, geometric patterns, and a soaring rotunda showcase the Art Deco era.

Cincinnati Union Terminal, Cincinnati