Vanished Wonders: 7 Tourist Places Gone Forever

22nd March, 2024


Some iconic tourist destinations have disappeared from ancient wonders to modern marvels, leaving only echoes of their former glory.

The Buddhas of Bamiyan, Afghanistan

These colossal Buddha statues, once a symbol of peace, were tragically destroyed in 2001.

Azure Window, Malta

This stunning rock arch collapsed into the sea in 2017, a victim of natural erosion.

Maya Bay, Thailand

Made famous by "The Beach," this paradise is closed to tourists due to damage caused by overtourism.

Dogpatch USA, Arkansas

This quirky theme park thrived in the '70s but crumbled into abandonment by the '90s.

Guaíra Falls, Brazil-Paraguay

Once the world's largest waterfall by volume, it was submerged by a dam in 1982.

Love Locks Bridge, Paris

The weight of thousands of "love locks" threatened this bridge, leading to their removal.

Berlin Wall, Germany

This division symbol fell in 1989, but segments remain a stark reminder of the past.

Let's cherish the places we can still visit, ensuring their preservation for future generations.