7 Unforgettable Destinations of  Canada

16th April, 2024


From stunning nature to vibrant cities, Canada offers experiences to suit every traveler.

Majestic Rocky Mountains, turquoise lakes like Moraine Lake, wildlife, hiking paradise.

1: Banff National Park, Alberta

Thundering power of the falls, boat tours, Clifton Hill's kitschy fun, and nearby wineries.

2: Niagara Falls, Ontario

A slice of Europe in North America! Cobblestone streets, historic fortifications, cafes & charm.

3: Old Quebec City

Ocean meets mountains, Stanley Park, diverse food scene, city and outdoor adventures.

4: Vancouver, British Columbia

World-class ski resort, even in summer, it shines – biking, hiking, peak-to-peak gondola.

5: Whistler, British Columbia

Unique geology, fjords, coastal trails, a less-crowded gem with breathtaking scenery.

6: Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland

Polar bear capital of the world! Also offers beluga whale watching and Northern Lights potential.

7: Churchill, Manitoba