7 Venomous Snakes Often Visit Australian Home

13th April, 2024


Highly venomous! Found in urban areas, attracted to rodents. Sadly, causes frequent bites.

1: Eastern Brown Snake

Venom less potent, but still dangerous! Often hides in moist places, like gardens.

2: Red-Bellied Black Snake

Very potent venom and stripes mean they're easy to ID! Found in varied habitats.

3: Tiger Snake

Potent venom, ambush predators – look where you walk! Leaf litter is a favored hiding spot.

4: Common Death Adder

Venomous, but likes cooler areas. Be extra careful near sheds and woodpiles!

5: Lowlands Copperhead

Common in Western Australia, neurotoxic venom. Check outdoor shoes left sitting around.

6: Dugite

Inland snake, large and VERY venomous. Can deliver a huge amount of venom in one bite.

7: Mulga Snake (King Brown)