Masters of the Drylands:  8 Animals That Don't Need Much Water

18th March, 2024


Habitat: Deserts of North Africa and the Middle East Water-wise: These graceful gazelles can live their entire lives without drinking! They get moisture from the plants they eat and have efficient kidneys to minimize water loss. 

Sand Gazelle


Habitat: Deserts of Africa and Asia Water-wise: Camels aren't just water storage tanks – their humps store fat! This fat can be metabolized for energy and releases water as a byproduct. Also, camels can regulate their body temperature to reduce sweating. 


Habitat: Sahara Desert Water-wise: This desert antelope has broad hooves to navigate the sand and absorbs moisture from its food. They minimize activity during the day's heat, reducing the need for water-wasting cooling mechanisms 

Fennec Fox

Habitat: North African Desert Water-wise: Those huge ears aren't just cute – they help dissipate heat. They also have highly efficient kidneys and get most of their moisture from prey like insects and rodents. 


Habitat: Arabian and African desert Water-wise: Experts in staying cool! They can raise their body temperature to avoid sweating, and their nasal passages are designed to recapture moisture from exhaled breath. 

Namib Desert Beetle

Habitat: Namib Desert, Africa Water-wise: This clever beetle harvests fog! Bumps on its shell collect water droplets from coastal fog, funneling the water directly into its mouth  

Kangaroo Rat

Habitat: North American desert Water-wise: They don't sweat and produce super-concentrated urine, minimizing water loss. Their desert diet provides just enough moisture for survival.  

Thorny Devil

Habitat: Australian desert Water-wise: This spiky lizard is a water-collecting machine! Tiny grooves on its skin channel dew and rainwater directly to its mouth for a drink.