8 Distinctive Plants Found Only In the Boreal Forest

15th April, 2024


The iconic boreal tree. Slow-growing, tough, with short needles and drooping cones.

1: Black Spruce

Fire-adapted! Cones need heat to open. Twisted needles and a scraggly appearance.

2: Jack Pine

Beautiful white bark contrasts the dark conifers, pioneer species after disturbances.

3: White Birch

Leathery leaves with fuzzy undersides. Used to make herbal tea, a boreal staple.

4: Labrador Tea

Low-growing, with showy bunches of white bracts surrounding tiny flowers.

5: Bunchberry

Not a single plant, but a symbiosis! Creates intricate, 'fluffy' ground cover and food for caribou.

6: Reindeer Lichen

Loves acidic bogs! Tart berries are a key food source in the otherwise sparse biome.

7: Bog Cranberry

Carnivorous! Unique leaves trap and digest insects to supplement poor soils.

8: Pitcher Plant