8 Extinct Animals of North America

1st April, 2024


Journey into prehistory! Many iconic creatures once roamed North America, but now exist only in our memories.

Shaggy ice age icons, these impressive cousins of elephants sadly vanished thousands of years ago.

1: Woolly Mammoth

Slightly smaller than mammoths, mastodons were another colossal member of the Proboscidean family.

2: American Mastodon 

Famous for their enormous teeth, these fearsome predators once stalked prey across the continent.

3: Saber-Toothed Cat

These massive herbivores were like walking tanks, slowly browsing vegetation from Alaska to Mexico.

4: Giant Ground Sloth

Larger and more robust than modern wolves, these predators were found across the Pleistocene landscape.

5: Dire Wolf 

Flocks blackened the skies, but overhunting pushed this bird to extinction by the early 1900s.

6: Passenger Pigeon

These vibrant parrots once chattered across the eastern US but tragically faced human pressure.

7: Carolina Parakeet

These gigantic, slow-moving relatives of manatees were hunted to extinction within decades of discovery.

8: Stellar's Sea Cow

Their absence reminds us of the fragility of ecosystems and the impact humanity has on the wild world.