8 Extraordinary Bridges Built by Humans

26th April, 2024


Artistry: Glass-bottomed floor and shaped like a traditional Chinese Ruyi scepter, this bridge symbolizes good fortune and prosperity. 

Ruyi Bridge (China)

Iconic London: Twin towers and a central bascule drawbridge create a recognizable skyline silhouette.

Tower Bridge (London, UK)

Art Deco Beauty: Its orange hue and graceful span are an American icon and engineering feat.

Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco, USA)

Tallest in the World: This cable-stayed bridge soars above the Tarn Valley, a marvel of modern design.

Millau Viaduct (France)

Slows down the traffic! This circular bridge allows the passersby to cross it slowly and safely.

Laguna Garzon Bridge (Uruguay)

Modern Sculpture: Undulating steel and wood form a pedestrian bridge like an artistic waveform.

Henderson Waves Bridge (Singapore)

Inspired by DNA: Its double-helix design and LED lights create a futuristic, glowing spectacle at night.

The Helix Bridge (Singapore)

Record-Breaker: Boasts the longest central span of any suspension bridge worldwide.

Akashi Kaikyo Bridge (Japan)