8 of the Stinkiest Creatures on the Planet

5th April, 2024


Get ready to meet creatures with odors that pack a potent punch.

Noxious spray fired from their anal glands, a defense known the world over.

1: Skunk

Musk from scent glands marks territory and deters predators - smells like a stinky gym bag.

2: Wolverine

Foul-smelling secretions act as a warning when they're feeling threatened or agitated.

3: Tasmanian Devil

Unique digestive system gives them a 'cow manure' aroma – yes, birds can be smelly!

4: Hoatzin

Releases a pungent chemical when disturbed – their name isn't misleading!

5: Stink Bug

Powerful scent glands ward off predators – think extra-stinky skunk.

6: Lesser Anteater

Releases musty, sweet odor that strangely attracts other bed bugs. Eww!

7: Bed Bug

Nests reek, and chicks can shoot foul-smelling poop at intruders – messy business!

8: Hoopoe

Sometimes, an awful smell is a survival tactic! The animal kingdom is full of surprising (and stinky) adaptations.