8 Surprising Facts About Bats

17th April, 2024


Bats are fascinating creatures with surprising secrets! Let's dive in…

Bats: The Misunderstood Marvels

A single bat can munch up to 1,000 insects in just one hour!

Nature's Bug Vacuum

Some bats can live for over 30 years, long for such small creatures.

Long Lives

Bats use complex vocalizations to communicate with each other.

They Talk!

Over 1,400 bat species exist, from the tiny bumblebee bat to the giant flying fox.

Batty Diversity

Bats are vital pollinators and munch on pesky insects, helping farmers and ecosystems.

Pollinators & Pest Control

Only 3 species out of 1300 bat species feed on blood – most prefer fruit and insects.

Not Bloodsuckers!

Bats hang upside down because it's easier to take flight that way!

Upside-down Sleepers

This deadly fungus threatens bats. Avoid disturbing their hibernation sites to help.

White-Nose Syndrome

Bats face threats like habitat loss. Learn how you can help conserve these amazing creatures.

Bats Need Our Help