Invisible Killers: 9 Diseases Devastating Bird Populations

13th April, 2024


Highly contagious, multiple strains. Deadly to wild and domestic birds, some can even infect humans.

1: Avian Influenza  (Bird Flu)

Mosquito-borne. Crows, ravens, and some songbirds are hit hard. Can infect humans too.

2: West Nile Virus

Caused by toxins, paralyzes birds. Often tied to wetlands with low oxygen levels.

3: Avian Botulism

Protozoan parasite. Fatal to doves and pigeons, seen in some finches and raptors.

4: Trichomoniasis

Bacterial disease, causes eye swelling in house finches, spreads easily at feeders.

5: Mycoplasmosis

Warty growths can impair birds' sight and eating. Found in various species.

6: Avian Pox

Fungal infection of the respiratory system, tied to moldy food sources or dust.

7: Aspergillosis

Bacterial, spreads through droppings. Pet birds, to wild birds, can infect humans.

8: Psittacosis (Parrot Fever)

Deadly to poultry, contagious. Variable symptoms in wild birds; some are carriers.

9: Newcastle Disease