Cosmic Mysteries: 9 Ghostly Planets of the Universe

17th April, 2024


From myths to potential discoveries, the universe teems with ghostly planets that haunt our imaginations.

Theia, Earth's potential twin, may have collided with our planet, birthing the Moon.


Once believed to orbit closer to the Sun than Mercury, the fiery Vulcan was never found.


Rocky, Earth-like exoplanets may exist but remain hidden from our telescopes.


Mars may have once been a blue planet like Earth – what cataclysm changed it?

Ancient Mars

Could a lost planet explain the debris field of the asteroid belt?

Hypothetical Planet of the Asteroid Belt

The infamous Nibiru, a planet of doomsday prophecies, likely never existed.


Once a planet, now a dwarf planet, Pluto forever shifted our understanding of the solar system.


A massive gas giant could inhabit the Oort Cloud, influencing distant comets.


Could a dark star be the Sun's unseen companion, linked to mass extinctions on Earth?


Hypothesized to lurk on the solar system's edge, its gravity might shape the orbits of smaller bodies.

Planet X