Digging Up Our Past: 9 Mind-Blowing Discoveries About Our Ancestors

17th March, 2024


Our Origins May Be More African Than We Thought

A stunning jawbone unearthed in Spain could be Europe's oldest human relative. But its features point back to an African origin, hinting at far more complex migration patterns than previously believed.

Ancient "Superhighways" Existed!

Animal and human footprints, thousands of years old, paint a picture of a bustling coastal area in ancient England.  These tracks show people's movements and ecosystems after the last ice age.

Humanity Almost Died Out... Really!

Genetic studies show our ancestors faced a near-extinction event. Our entire species could have been wiped out, making it even more miraculous that we are here today!

We Didn't Invent Fire...We May Have Inherited It

Did we invent controlled fire, or did earlier ancestors learn the trick? Recent evidence suggests fire usage could date back much further than we thought!

Neanderthals Were Artists Too

Forget the "caveman" stereotype! Neanderthals left behind stunning examples of cave art, proving they were capable of symbolic expression just like us.

Humans Sailed the Seas Way Earlier Than Expected

We didn't wait for the compass to be brave sailors.  Prehistoric humans crossed vast ocean stretches tens of thousands of years ago.

We Had More Cousins Than We Knew

The human family tree is bushier than ever! When we get used to the Neanderthals and Denisovans, new groups are discovered solely from ancient DNA.

Multiple Migrations Shaped Modern Humanity

Think humans left Africa in one epic journey?  Think again!  New evidence shows multiple waves of migration and interaction that molded us into who we are today.

Even the First Americans Keep Surprising Us

When and how the Americas were settled is hotly debated.  From ancient tools to unexpected DNA lineages, the story of the first Americans is far from over.