Beyond Diamonds: 9 Rare and Precious Gemstones You've Never Heard Of

 May 6th , 2024


Move over diamonds – the world of gemstones holds even rarer and more expensive treasures. Get ready to discover nature's most exclusive creations.

Rarity: Rarer than diamonds! Found mainly in a single location in Utah. Why Precious: The vivid red color makes it highly sought-after.

1: Red Beryl

Rarity: Only a few thousand specimens are known to exist. Why Precious: Attractive hues, durability, and extreme scarcity.

2: Musgravite

Rarity: Found in only one tiny area of Tanzania. Why Precious: Stunning violet-blue color, limited supply increases value.

3: Tanzanite

Rarity: First discovered in the 1960s, only a few clean specimens were found. Why Precious: Pretty pink hues and exceptional rarity drive value.

4: Poudretteite

Rarity: Mostly found in Madagascar, clean specimens are scarce. Why Precious: Teal-to-green color, extreme rarity, and durability.

5: Grandidierite

Rarity: Scarce, especially high-quality stones. Why Precious: Unique color changes – green in daylight, red under incandescent light.

6: Alexandrite

Rarity: High-quality stones are incredibly rare. Why Precious: Vibrant green color, historical significance, especially in China

7: Jadeite Jade

Rarity: Found mostly in a single mine in California. Why Precious: Brilliant blue under UV, with a fiery sparkle due to dispersion properties.

8: Benitoite

Rarity: Once the world's rarest mineral! Still, only a few thousand stones exist. Why Precious: Deep red color, extreme rarity, and historical significance.

9: Painite