Ageless Leaders:  The 10 Oldest  U.S. Presidents

5th March, 2024


The Oval Office has seen its fair share of seasoned leaders. While the U.S. Constitution sets a minimum age of 35 for presidents, there's no upper limit.  This list explores the ten oldest presidents to take the helm, navigating the complexities of leading a nation well into their golden years.

Joe Biden (Age 78 at inauguration)

The current occupant of the White House, Joe Biden, holds the record for the oldest president inaugurated. He brings a wealth of experience to the role, having served in the Senate for over 30 years.

Ronald Reagan (Age 69 at inauguration)

The "Gipper" served two terms, leaving office at 77, the oldest president to complete his tenure.

Donald Trump (Age 70 at inauguration)

The 45th president, Donald Trump, was another businessman-turned-politician who entered office at an advanced age.

Dwight D. Eisenhower (Age 62 at inauguration)

A World War II hero, Eisenhower brought a sense of stability and leadership to the post-war era. He served two terms, leaving office at 70.

Andrew Jackson (Age 61 at inauguration)

A fiery populist leader, Andrew Jackson served two terms, leaving office at 69.  His presidency was a period of westward expansion and the rise of the "common man" in American politics.

James Buchanan (Age 65 at inauguration)

The last president before the Civil War, James Buchanan struggled to hold the nation together during an increasing sectional tension. He left office at 72. 

Harry S. Truman (Age 60 at inauguration)

Thrust into the presidency after Franklin D. Roosevelt's death, Truman oversaw the end of World War II and the beginning of the Cold War.  He left office at 68. 

George H.W. Bush (Age 64 at inauguration)

He navigated the end of the Cold War and launched the first Gulf War.  He left office at 73. 

William Henry Harrison (Age 68 at inauguration)

William Henry Harrison, unfortunately, has the dubious distinction of holding the shortest presidency. 

James Monroe (Age 58 at inauguration)

The fifth president, James Monroe, is known for the Monroe Doctrine, which declared the Americas off-limits to further European colonization.  He served two terms, leaving office at 66.