Socotra Island: Alien Landscapes and Ancient Secrets of Yemen's Hidden Gem 

 May 27th , 2024

Team LTG

Escape to a lost world! Socotra Island isn't just beautiful; it's like stepping onto another planet. 

Part of Yemen, but geographically closer to Africa, it's an island with a unique identity. 

Where Is It?

This iconic, umbrella-shaped tree bleeds red resin, once sought for medicine and dyes. 

The Dragon's Blood Tree

Not your average rose! These bulbous trees store water; their blooms look delicate but defy the harsh environment. 

Desert Rose

Socotra is a birder's paradise! Endemic species like the Socotra Starling and Sunbird call this island home. 

Unique Birds

The Socotri language is unlike any other, adding to the island's mystery and cultural richness. 

Ancient Language

A UNESCO World Heritage site, preserving this unique biodiversity hotspot is vital.

Fragile Ecosystem

Explore limestone caves, hike through dragon's blood forests, and dive into pristine waters.

Adventure Awaits!