Florida's Comeback Croc: American Crocodile Population Surges 

 May 27th, 2024

Team LTG

Florida's wetlands are seeing a surprising comeback story—the once-threatened American crocodile population is thriving! 

Once listed as endangered in 1975, the American crocodile has remarkably recovered in Florida. 

A Conservation Success Story

Surprisingly, human-made canals and waterways have become ideal nesting grounds for these crocs. 

Man-Made Habitats

From a mere 10-20 nests annually, nesting numbers have skyrocketed to over 100 nests each year. 

Nesting Numbers Soar

Scientists estimate the Florida population has grown from a few hundred to around 2,000 adult crocodiles. 

Population Explosion 

Strict protection under the Endangered Species Act, habitat restoration, and public awareness campaigns have all played a role. 

Why the Rebound?

American crocodiles thrive in coastal areas with brackish water and mangrove swamps – found only in Southern Florida. 

Unique Habitat

This nuclear plant's cooling canals unintentionally created a sanctuary for crocodiles. 

The Turkey Point Power Plant Connection

As numbers rise, so do human-crocodile interactions, leading to conflicts and concerns. 

Challenges Arise

Respect their space, keep pets leashed near water, and never feed them. 

Living with Crocodiles

Florida's crocodile comeback is a conservation success story! However, it's important to learn about these animals and coexist peacefully. 

The Future of Florida's Crocs