America's Coldest Cities: 8 Places Where Winter Means Winter

May 3rd , 2024


Why it's Cold: Interior location means less moderating ocean influence, leading to frigid winters.

1: Fairbanks, Alaska

Nickname Says It All: Known as the "Icebox of the Nation" for its consistently low temperatures.

2: International Falls, Minnesota

Wind Chill Factor: The exposed location on the plains leads to brutal wind chills and low temperatures.

3: Grand Forks, North Dakota

Northern Plains Chill: Shares the harsh winter climate of neighboring Grand Forks.

4: Fargo, North Dakota

Lake Effect Snow: Located on Lake Superior, it can experience heavy snowfall due to the lake effect.

5: Duluth, Minnesota

Northeast Deep Freeze: Far northern location guarantees a long, snowy, and seriously cold winter.

6: Caribou, Maine

Mountain Influence: Green Mountains contribute to cold temps and ample snowfall.

7: Burlington, Vermont

Oil Boom Chill: The recent oil boom brought growth, but the location of the northern plains means deep freezes.

8: Williston, North Dakota