America's Wild Side: Top 6 Bizarre Natural Wonders

24th March, 2024


Get ready to discover the strange and spectacular natural occurrences across the U.S.

Rocks mysteriously move across this desert, leaving trails in their wake.

Sailing Stones of Death Valley

A waterfall hides a small, natural flame fueled by underground gas. (Found in New York)

The Eternal Flame Falls

Thousands of fireflies blink in perfect unison, creating a dazzling light show (Great Smoky Mountains)

Synchronous Fireflies

Alberta, Canada's Abraham Lake traps bubbles of flammable methane under the ice in winter.

Frozen Methane Bubbles

These rare fireflies emit a soft blue glow instead of the usual yellow.

The Great Smoky Mountains' Blue Ghost Fireflies

Sometimes, ocean waves glow with an eerie blue light due to tiny plankton. (California and other coastal locations)

Bioluminescent Waves

Nature is full of surprises! Where will YOU discover its strangest wonders?