Ancient Graveyard for... Zombies?

2nd May, 2024


Is this evidence of medieval superstition or something even more chilling?

A cemetery near the village of Kröglin in northern Germany. Archaeologists were on a routine dig...

Where Was It Found?

Uwe Moos and Susanne Friederich from the State Office for Heritage Management and Archaeology Saxony-Anhalt

The archaeologists

Over a dozen bodies were found with heavy stones in their mouths or pinned down with stakes.

The Strange Burials

People once believed the dead could rise as revenants – similar to our concept of 'zombies.'

Fear of the Undead

Diseases causing odd symptoms or premature burial may have led to fear of the dead returning.

Likely Explanation

Similar burial practices from the same era are found in other parts of Europe.

Other "Zombie Graves"

While science offers rational explanations, the eerie burials still spark the imagination.

Science vs. Superstition