Luna Crater: Satellite Reveals 6,900-Year-Old Meteor Crater in India

1st May, 2024


The Luna crater is found in the Banni Plains grassland of Gujarat, India.


Scientists suspected the crater's origin for years, but a recent analysis confirmed its meteoric cause.


NASA's Landsat 8 satellite captured a detailed image, showcasing the crater's distinct features.

Space Tech to the Rescue

Researchers collected samples to analyze. High iridium concentrations point to the intense heat of a meteor impact.

A Look Back in Time

Plant remnants within the crater reveal the impact occurred roughly 6,900 years ago.

Radiocarbon Dating

The Luna crater serves as a permanent reminder of this cosmic event.

A Scar on the Landscape

Studying the crater can provide insights into past meteor activity and its impact on Earth.

A Window to the Past